About Juxtopia

Establishedin 2001, Juxtopia is a biomedical and information technology (BIO-IT) companyand an innovative leader in the development of human performance products. Our continuouslyinnovative and patent pending technologies are designed to continuously integrateinto your daily routine and deliver personalized services to improve humanhealth, learning, and physical performance from birth to end of life.

Juxtopia stands at the threshold of a new renaissance converging technologies of cyber-human systems (CHS) juxtaposing context-aware artificial intelligence, cognitive systems, genetic engineering, smart materials, and mixed reality to amplify individual capabilities through human adaptive devices and environments for continuously improving human performance®.

Since 2001, Juxtopia has been continuously evolving its human performance interface to service this need. The cyber and bioscience convergence facilitates this human performance interface in order to prevent diseases, illnesses, injuries, and threats that impede optimal human performance. Additionally, Juxtopia’s human machine symbiosis augments human cognitive and psychomotor skills for improving human learning and task proficiency.

Juxtopia continually builds upon its human performance interface. Through the accurate and efficient analysis of human physiological and molecular data to augmenting human cognitive activity, Juxtopia will optimize your highest capabilities.

January 4, 2019